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RRGSA Community Announcement – Hunter Safety Course

The Rangeley Region Guides and Sportsmen’s Association will host their annual Hunter Safety Course on June 19, 20, 26, and 27 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM at the clubhouse in Oquossoc. There will be a range day on Saturday June 24th. The course is FREE. Students must attend all sessions and students ages 10…

Rangeley Skeet & Trap Association opens for 2017 Season

On Saturday, May 20, 2017, the Rangeley Skeet and Trap Association will open the gate for the beginning of the clayshooting season. We now offer a 5-stand sporting clays course in addition to trap, skeet, wobble trap, and our traditional sporting clays course.  Beginning this year, RRSTA will be a lead-free clayshooting facility. Only non-toxic shotshells will be permitted. This change will satisfy the Environmental Management Plan requirement for the federal grant funding we received to do the major infrastructure construction and equipment acquisition over the last two years.

2017 Shooting Schedule

Wednesday:   4PM to 5PM     Instructional Shotgun Shooting

                       4PM                   Open Trap

Thursday:      4PM                   5-Stand Sporting Clays

Saturday:       10AM                 Sporting Clays

                       Noon                  Skeet

Sunday:         1PM to 2PM      Instructional Shotgun Shooting

                      1PM                     Open Trap

Shotguns for rent and non-toxic ammo for sale at the range. Our combination trap/skeet field is handicapped accessible. The public is welcome to participate. For additional information, please see our website:

Maine State Modern-Skeet Championship – Sunday, April 30, 2017

On Sunday, April 30th the Arnold Trail Sportsmen’s Association in Sidney, Maine, will host this non-registered shoot.  There will be three 50 target events: Modern-Skeet, Regular Skeet and a modified 5-Stand with trophies to the High-over-all and top two scores in each event.  Fees will be $25 per event.  Lunch will be provided.

Shooting will begin at 10 a.m.  For directions to the club go to their website:

For additional information or advance registration contact Jim McMullen, at or 207-465-3458.

February Monthly Meeting to educate you on “How to be a better birder”.

The RRG&SA will hold its monthly membership meeting and potluck supper at the our clubhouse on February 16, 2017 at 5:30 PM.

Due to the success of our Italian cuisine potluck supper last month, the membership voted to proceed with a “Catch of the Day� theme for our February meeting. Attendees are asked to bring a seafood entrée or a salad or dessert.

RRG&SA is very excited to announce that Derek Lovitch, author of the book “How To Be A Better Birder�, will present our educational program. Derek’s writing has also appeared in Birding magazine, as well as Bird Watcher�s Digest, and Bird Observer. Derek wrote the text and designed the “Birds of the Maine Backyard� folding guide. This presentation should be of great interest to all of us who enjoy observing our feathered friends. As always, the public is cordially welcomed to attend our dinners and educational programs.

Letter from Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine (SAM) to Outdoor Partners

To the Fish and Game Club Network and Outdoor Partners:

SAM has introduced a number of pieces of legislation to protect sportsmen and gun owners from destructive referendums in the future.  In addition, we have an aggressive legislative agenda to fix state laws.

Communication and membership are where we generate our legislative power and influence.  We are desperately attempting to increase our numbers and expand our fish and game club network.  In addition to trying to raise money to special club raffles we are seeking donations and new members.

Please see the attached documents and consider forwarding this request to your membership.

SAM Legislative Agenda and Appeal-Help us End the Abuse of Our Referendum System and Protect Our Gun Rights

Please Share with everyone you can!

Help us by Joining SAM and make a donation or both.   Sick of Bloomberg and the Humane Society of the U.S.?

Below is our upcoming Legislative agenda that we believe will end the attacks.  In addition to the plan spelled out in the appeal we have introduced two additional bills, one sponsored by Rep. Patrick Corey to make it illegal to create a data base of gun owners, LD 9, An Act To Prohibit the Creation of a Firearms Owner Registry.  In addition we have introduced a bill sponsored by Rep. Lance Harvell to repeal a current state law, Title 15, Chapter 17, Subsection 455 that forces federal firearm license holders to create a state copy of the 4473 document you complete when purchasing firearms.  This state database is the foundation of a state gun registry and contains confidential private information about firearm owners.  Please share this e-mail with friends and fellow club members.  We must Unite and Protect Our Rights by passing this aggressive SAM Legislative Agenda-We are under constant attack!  Join the most powerful organization in Maine and help us win new Constitutional Protections in the legislature and then next fall.

Go to Our website and join, make a contribution or buy a raffle ticket.  Better yet, do all three!

Thank you for your support!

David Trahan, SAM Executive Director

Help Us Stop the Next Gun/HSUS Bear Referendum!

January 10, 2017

UPDATE:  Proposed Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine Constitutional Amendments and Important Legislation to Protect Us from More Bear/Gun Referendums

Dear York Fish and Game Association,

On Election Day, November 8th, 2016, the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine led a small coalition of concerned firearm owners and sportsmen against billionaire anti-gun zealot and ex-New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  His initiative, disguised as expanding background checks, would have made the casual-temporary transfer of firearms between law abiding citizens criminal.

If passed, guides, hunting mentors and those teaching recreational shooters would have been forced to endure new, expensive government regulation to pass on their decades of hunting and shooting experience.

Remote, Professional Maine Guides who often loan non-resident clients a firearm to hunt would have been required to do expensive, unnecessary work or become licensed firearm dealers, no doubt, Michael Bloomberg, called the “godfather of gun control� knew exactly what he was doing and his motives were to make it as hard as possible for law abiding gun owners to legally use firearms.

The latest attack on gun owners is just like the bear referendum-big out of state special interests thought they could use their money to manipulate the referendum system and promote their anti-hunting, anti-gun agenda.

No one believed we had a chance to win against Bloomberg-except me and a few dedicated patriots!  Just after the bear referendum victory, I put together a long term strategy to reform our Constitutional referendum system, change and strengthen our laws and build a grassroots network to effectively stand up to the animal rights and gun control zealots.

Much of that plan is already in motion, some has passed, but, big pieces of it are still in the works.  I will summarize each piece completed and what is left to do.  That is why I need your help in finishing the job!


SAM submitted and passed legislation to stop paid professional non-resident petitioners from circulating petitions in Maine.  Groups like Bloomberg’s and the Humane Society of the United States use their paid collectors from around the country to hijack states like Maine, in violation of our state Constitution.  It is now clear in Maine law-only Mainers can collect signatures!


SAM introduced and passed legislation to dedicate $1 million a year to educate the Maine electorate about the value of sportsmen in managing wildlife.  In addition, this money will be used to teach un-educated urban Mainers why Inland Fisheries and Wildlife needs management tools like trapping, baiting and hounding to manage bears and other wildlife.  The legislation also stopped groups like HSUS from filing frivolous lawsuits to stop IF&W from speaking out against them by clarifying IF&W has power and authority in law.  The same IF&W bear biologists who helped us win will now have the resources and clear authority to help us!


SAM has introduced three Constitutional Resolutions to stop or bring fairness to future wildlife and firearm referendums.

·          SAM Constitutional Resolution to exempt wildlife management from the referendum process; although, we could not get our outdoor partners to agree to move this initiative forward last year we believe it’s too important to our future and will introduce this bill again and will move it forward this year.

·         Another SAM Constitutional Resolution would establish the Constitutional right to hunt fish and trap.  We believe it is time Maine joined the rest of the states around the country that make hunting, fishing and trapping a right!

·          SAM will re-introduce a Constitutional Resolution to mirror the one that fell just four votes short of the 2/3rds needed for passage that would require qualifying signatures for ballot initiatives come equally from both Congressional Districts.  This change would bring equality to all Mainers by insuring heavily populated politically liberal areas like Portland stop dictating to the rest of Maine what gets on the ballot.


SAM has introduced a law change that would reform the state laws that govern citizen petitions.  The changes proposed include toughening penalties for violating Notary, (loss of license, fines) and circulator rules; including giving the Secretary of State the authority to throw out petitions if circulators violate rules.  In addition, the law would create an on-line fraud reporting hotline for individual cases of potential fraud.  If this SAM law change finally passes Maine will finally have a referendum system that is accountable to the voters!


SAM will lead an effort to rebuild the next generation of Sportsmen and Women-Invest in our Children!

It is no secret fewer and fewer children are learning the skills of hunting, shooting and responsible conservation.  Two years ago, SAM invested in the future by renovating our 8000 sq. ft. facility.  Our members and partners contributed $150,000 to begin youth conservation programs at our Augusta, Maine facility.  We did it with committed membership and sheer will.  In the coming year, we plan to teach 1000 children how to hunt fish and conserve our natural resources. 

At the same time we transformed our building; we reached out and established formal relationships with almost 50 Fish and Game Clubs.  This Club Network was key to winning two referendums and now it is time to rebuild their aging infrastructure.

Several years ago we worked with Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to secure a million dollars, (federal) a year to invest in shooting club ranges.  It is now time to expand that investment to include grants for youth conservation programs.  SAM has introduced a bill to establish a new state grant program ($500,000.00) per year for club programs that serve our state’s young people.

Finally, SAM has restructured our organization into two separate, but affiliated organizations or non-profits.  A C-3, non-profit (educational foundation) and a (c-4) political, SAM ILA, (Institute for Legislative Action). This important restructuring will now allow us to instantly respond to attacks from anti-hunting-anti-sportsmen special interests.  We have rebuilt reserve accounts and established the Friends of Maine Sportsmen Ballot Question Committee (for referendums) and the SAM PAC, (elections).

When Bloomberg and HSUS attacked Maine with their National gun control/anti-hunter agendas and against the odds, SAM responded and led two successful grassroots opposition campaigns, establishing our organization as the go to group to defend your hunting and gun rights!

We Need You!

If we are to win a 2/3rds vote to place our three Constitutional Resolutions on the ballot and pass initiative reform we will need additional resources.  HSUS and Bloomberg will spend whatever it takes to stop our aggressive legislative agenda. We are looking to hire additional lobbying support and initiate a radio and print media campaign.  It will be hard work and expensive, but, in order to stop the constant attacks on our outdoor culture and heritage; we must win referendum reform and these important Constitutional protections!

If you are not a SAM member, please consider joining, (ask a friend to join) and make a donation to help us win this session and build a campaign for next November where we will finally win our long sought after Constitutional protections.  We will hold a special raffle and fundraiser for just this purpose.  All donations and raffle proceeds from this appeal will be used for this effort.  Please help us capitalize on our recent victories and build a stronger organization that protects and defends our future!

Thank you for your past support and we appreciate anything you can do to help,

David Trahan

Executive Director, Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine

“The work we do today may seem overwhelming and at times, may test our faith, but it is our efforts today, against all odds that will insure the rights of the unborn-rights to the amazing culture, experiences and heritage that makes us sportsmen�  David Trahan, 2016                                                                                                                                                                                                                       



Becky Morrell, Operations Manager

Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine

205 Church Hill Road, Suite 1

Augusta, ME  04330


Youth Deer Hunting Day Breakfast

The Rangeley Region Guides’ and Sportsmen’s Association (RRGSA) will be hosting their annual Youth Deer Hunting Day breakfast on Saturday, October 22nd at the Guides’ Clubhouse on Old Skiway Road in Oquossoc. Breakfast will be served from 5:30am – 8:00am. A free, hardy breakfast will be offered to children. Adults are welcome and are requested to make a $5 donation. On the youth deer hunting day, bucks may be taken statewide. Additionally, for 2016, although an any-deer permit is not required on the youth deer hunting day, antlerless deer may be taken in Wildlife Management District (WMD) 7, as this district has any-deer permits.

Any questions please call Kevin or Doreen at 670-8391. Take a youth hunting and enjoy the Maine outdoors. Have a safe hunting season. Good luck!


2016 Junior Guides Program Recap

By Elaine Holcombe

The Rangeley Region Guides and Sportsmen’s Association’s Junior Guide program recently completed a very successful 20th year offering a fun and challenging indoor/outdoor nature program for youngsters of the area.

The basic and advanced groups were challenged in a variety of situations like hiking, canoeing/kayaking, shot gunning and archery. The Tim Baker Trail introduced them to the many diverse plants that are on the property.

The six week program concluded with a fieldtrip to the Mount Blue State Park where Ranger Bruce Farnham and staff tested our sports’ knowledge of Maine mammals. After a hike in the woods and a swim in Webb Lake, our group returned to the Clubhouse for certificates and dessert. We are grateful for all the volunteers that help make our Junior Guide Program educational, unique, as well as fun and memorable.

The 2017 program will start on July 10th and run for six consecutive Mondays. Registration is required. Please contact Joyce Fay @ 864-5196 next spring. For more information go to or check out our face book page.

Sept Monthly Meeting – Thurs. Sept. 15th – Hunters for the Hungry

The RRG&SA will hold its monthly potluck dinner and educational program on Thursday, September 15, 2016. Our potluck dinner starts at 5:30 PM followed by our guest speaker. RRG&SA is pleased to announce that Jason Hall, Director of Emergency Food Assistance and Hunters for the Hungry programs for the Maine Department of Agriculture, will be our guest speaker. Jason will explain how hunters may donate part of their wild game harvest to these worthwhile programs. The public is always welcome to attend these monthly meetings.

RRG&SA ANNUAL COOKOUT – Thursday, August 18th

RRG&SA would like to extend a cordial invitation to all members and the general public to attend our annual open range day and cookout on Thursday, August 18, 2016. From 2 to 4 PM, all three of our outdoor shooting ranges and the Kid’s Fishing Pond will be open for all to enjoy.  Expert instructors will be present to assist novices and, if desired, give some valuable tips to the more experienced. Attendees may bring their own equipment, or equipment will be provided at the ranges. The rifle/pistol range is located on the Morton Cut-off Road. The archery range and Kid’s Fishing Pond are adjacent to the RRG&SA clubhouse on Old Skiway Road. The shotgun range is at the end of Old Skiway Road.

A silent auction will be ongoing all afternoon at the RRG&SA clubhouse. This auction features wonderful items donated by local businesses and club members. If you would like to donate an item for the auction, please contact Joyce Fay at 864-2651.

Starting at 5PM, hord’ouvers will be served under the pavilion at our Clubhouse. At 5:30 PM, dinner will start. This year, the menu will feature ribs, chicken, beans, coleslaw, and corn on the cob. We will have strawberry shortcake for dessert. The cost of this event, which includes all range activities and dinner, is $20 for adults and $10 for children, ages 16 and younger. Your dinner ticket will also serve as a raffle ticket for door prizes generously donated by Cabela’s.

RRG&SA hopes you can join us for this fun day and celebration of our outdoor sporting heritage.