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Fall Foliage Report – October 3, 2012

Peak foliage color has reached Maine’s western lakes and mountains region. Currently, Maine Forest Service and state park rangers are reporting peak, or at least 75 percent, color change in the western tracking zone (Zone 5) that includes Rangeley, Carrabassett Valley, Grafton Notch State Park and Mt.Blue State Park. Rangers expect color change to continue into next week, and report that leaf…

Fall Foliage Report – September 26, 2012

Moderate foliage color between 30 and 50 percent toward peak has reached the tracking zones covering the Rangeley Lakes Region.  High foliage color between 50 and 70 percent toward peak, is being reported by rangers in the northwestern tracking zone covering the  Stratton, Eustis and Carrabassett Valley Area. The region has low leaf drop, according to the…

Fall Foliage Report – September 19th, 2012

Leaf color and leaf drop remains very low, or less than 10 percent, in the remainder of the state, according to rangers. Overnight temperatures in the 40s and the continued decrease in daylight will spark the gradual change in leaf color from north to south through late October, according to the report. The Rangeley Lakes…

Fall Foliage Reports – September 12, 2012

As of September 12th, the Rangeley Lakes Region is reporting very low (0-10%) leaf color, while the Flagstaff Lake area reports low (10-30%) leaf color. Overnight temperatures in the 40s and the continued decrease in daylight will spark the gradual change in leaf color from north to south through late October according to state park…

Rangeley to celebrate designation as Appalachian Trail Community

RANGELEY – The Rangeley Lakes Region will celebrate its designation as an Appalachian Trail Community this Saturday, September 15 at the Haley Pond Park on Pond Street in Rangeley.  Vendors, exhibits, seminars, fun contests, suggested hikes and paddles, book signings, thru and section hikers reunion, and children’s activities and crafts will take place all through

Maine’s Moose Population Estimated at 76,000 After Aerial Survey

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife now has its most accurate estimation of the state’s moose population thanks to a new aerial survey. The Department currently estimates a population of 76,000 moose after using a double count technique the last two winters where two observers independently reported the number of moose observed while flying…

5 Reasons to Enjoy the Fall Foliage in Rangeley, Maine

Remember those crisp autumn days as a little rascal when you’d gather the newly fallen leaves? Nothing was better than jumping into a pile of red and yellow leaves during a football game or after dad had raked them up. While you can’t return to the days of your childhood, you can still enjoy the…

Angus King visits Franklin County

FARMINGTON – The former governor and a candidate for a U.S. senatorial seat spent the day in Franklin County Friday, touring the Wilton and Farmington downtown areas before heading north for a dinner in Rangeley. Angus King, of Brunswick, is running as an independent for the senate seat currently held by Sen. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine,

Bluegrass Festival loaded with talent

By Heidi Murphy Irregular Staff SANDY RIVER PLANTATION – The buzz about The Third Annual Saddleback Mountain Bluegrass Festival is that this year’s two-day event features a line-up that is loaded with more