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08/18/2016 – Annual frog-jumping contest

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The annual Frog Jumping contest will leap onto the scene again at this
year’s Blueberry Festival on Thursday, August 18 th in Rangeley. All frogs
and toads can sign up for the contest starting at 12:30 PM; the contest begins
at 1:00 PM. Come try your luck at beating the record of 47.5 inches! Have
no fear, if your little jumper is too small or not feisty enough to jump that
far, prizes will be awarded in many different categories. Please be sure to
catch and release your amphibian in the same location, to keep him or her
happy (and alive!). Arrive early to try to catch your own right at the festival
site, if necessary. A limited supply of buckets and nets are available to
borrow, but bring your own if you have them.
Jump at the chance to be part of this event! Call Liz at 864-2426 for
more information, or to volunteer for this fun event. We need catchers,
judges, and people to help register contestants.

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08/18/2016 – Annual frog-jumping contest

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