Community Awareness Night Bringing our Community Together on November 29th

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Rangeley Health and Wellness along with Rangeley Lakes Regional School, local law enforcement and the Rangeley Town leaders would like to invite you to an informational seminar to bring families and community together for conversation, healing and mental health education. Many of us have been approached with questions we cannot answer. We have looked at options for providing access to qualified providers to help us answer these questions. Greg Marley, LCSW, from NAMI Maine will be in Rangeley to provide information on the following topics.

  1. How do we process the grief of a tragic unexpected death?
  2. How do we explain loss to our children?
  3. What types of behavior changes should we watch for?
  4. How do you connect people with the help they need?

In addition we will have members from the NAMI Maine Speaker’s bureau talk about their personal stories as a force for education and prevention.

Our community has been hit hard with many tragic events over the last twelve months. We believe our caring, engaged community can come together to find solutions to these problems that are affecting not only our small town, but the nation as a whole.

We are asking each of our community partners and non-profit organizations contacted to pass the word, make calls and have at least 10 people you know attend this event. The Community Awareness night will be held on Wednesday, November 29th at the Lakeside Theater from 6:30-8:00pm. In order for this to be successful we will need as many community members, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles as possible. The only thing that they need to do is to think about what we can do as a community to make sure our families are getting all the support they may need. Working together we can make a huge impact on the way of life here where we call home.

As one of our leading non profits we ask you to help us make this a success for our community. Please email us at to keep us informed on the number of people that have committed to coming on the 29th. Alone we can do so little- together we can do so much!!!

This article was written by Rangeley News Hound