Story Book Walk on the Tim Baker Trail

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Need a reason to get outside with your family? Come check out the Story Book Walk at the Rangeley Region Guides and Sportsmen’s Association Tim Baker Nature Trail.  RRG&SA and the Rangeley Public Library have collaborated to bring POSSUM AND THE PEEPER by Anne Hunter, a delightful spring story to the trail behind the Clubhouse. Pack some snacks and enjoy the walk with your family from July 1st to August 31st.

The RRG&SA Tim Baker Trail was a collaborative idea brought to fruition with the work of the AmeriCorps Group of young adults and other volunteers. Elaine Holcombe decided it would be a great idea to have a storybook walk on the trail for youngsters to read as they discover the delights of a woods trail and its unique offerings.

The engaging story is posted along the trail one page at a time. Anticipation mounts as the reader gets closer to the climax of the story. Although geared to children ages 3-8 years of age, older children will enjoy reading the story as well. In the story, a possum is awakened one spring morning disturbed by a strange sound. Several of his animal neighbors help him make a surprising discovery of who is making the racket.

Come an enjoy a great walk in the outdoors!

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Story Book Walk on the Tim Baker Trail

This article was written by Kevin Sinnett