‘Story Trail’ walk on Tim Baker Trail

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By Donna Brown, Rangeley Lakes Regional School

The multiage students (grades 1 and 2) at Rangeley Lakes Regional School recently visited the Rangeley Region Guides and Sportsmen’s Associations’ clubhouse in Oquossoc. The children were greeted by Elaine Holcombe and other members of the association who then guided them through the ‘Story Trail’. This special hike was immensely enjoyed by the children because it highlighted a delightful tale called the “Possum and the Peeper�. As the children traveled along the trail they would come upon a new page of the story.  Anne Hunter, author and illustrator, has done a superb job in creating a whimsical story about animals awakening in the spring. Our classes loved the story and the experience and we hope this project continues year after year.


‘Story Trail’ walk on Tim Baker Trail

This article was written by Kevin Sinnett