Wilderness First Aid (WFA) Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Recertification Course

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The best and most comprehensive course of its kind, WFA offers relevant and realistic first-aid training for seasonal outdoor activities or short term wilderness endeavors and pursuits.  Wilderness First Aid is a two-day introduction to general medical concepts and basic life support skills. It is targeted to the outdoor enthusiast on day trips or short adventures. The course is taught by a professional instructor with significant backcountry care experience.

Taught by: Wilderness Medical Associates International

Hosted by: Franklin Search & Rescue


WFA: Sept 23 & 24, 2017 (2-day class) $175

WFR Recertification class is 4 days long (2 weekends): Sept 23 & 24 AND Sept 30 & Oct. 1, $275

Location: Kingfield Fire Department, Kingfield, Maine

Time: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday & Sunday

Cost: WFA $175,  WFR Recertification $ 275

Instructor by: Paul Marcolini, Wilderness Medical Associates International (WMA)

Sponsored by: Franklin Search & Rescue (FSAR)

Course Topics: Patient Assessment System; CPR; Circulatory System; Nervous System; Respiratory System; Fractures, Stable Injuries; Splints 1-Extremities; Hypothermia; Hyperthermia and Heat Illness; Near Drowning; Lightning Injuries; Wounds and Burns; Anaphylaxis; Lifting, Moving Extrication; Patient Carries; Backcountry Medicine Responder (WFR) Recertification Class

Certifications: The WFA course is scheduled for two days or 16 hours of instructional and practice time. Upon successful completion, students will receive certification in Wilderness First Aid and Adult CPR.

The WFR recertification course is 4 days long. Wilderness Medical Associates (WMA) offers a variety of options for WMA and non-WMA graduates to earn a WMA WFR certification via recertification.  To be eligible, a candidate must have successfully passed an eligible course.  To be eligible, the course should have been a wilderness-based first aid training course that was at least 64 hours long and completed within 3 years of the proposed recertification option.  Most, but not all, WFRs are eligible.

Upon completion, the successful candidate will receive Wilderness Medical Associates’ Anaphylaxis, and BLS/Healthcare Provider-level CPR certifications as well as the appropriate certification – WFR or WEMT, for those eligible.

Students will receive the following books on this course:

  • Wilderness First Aid Guide

  • SOAP Notebook;

  • The Outward Bound Wilderness First-Aid Handbook

Evaluation: Successful completion with certification is based on 100% attendance, satisfactory performance on homework assignments and written quizzes, demonstrated proficiency with practical skills, and a successful grade on a final written exam.

Prerequisites: Students must be at least 16 years old to participate in this course. Those under 18 years of age require the written consent of a parent or guardian.

To Register:

Contact FSAR Secretary Steve Mitman

(207) 491-2713


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