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IFW 2014 Ice Fishing Preview – Maine’s Rangeley Lakes Region

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In Region D, the Rangeley Lakes Region, there are several options for early season ice fishing.

“Anglers ought to try Crowell Pond in Chesterville, right off Route 41,” says IFW Fisheries Biologist Bobby Van Riper. “We stocked a thousand brook trout there.”

Anglers who are looking for waters to ice fish prior to January 1 should look for waters marked A in the northern counties section of the law book.

Popular early season ponds also include Norcross Pond in Chesterville and Roxbury Pond in Roxbury; others include Parker Pond and Sand Pond in Chesterville.

However, most of the ice fishing ponds in this region open up January 1. One of the more popular destinations early season is the Chain of Ponds north of Eustis on Route 27. The department stocked 1,400 brook trout there this fall. Anglers should remember that this is a flowing water, and the ice can get thin in the narrows and around points.

If you are looking fish some of the bigger waters in the region, check out Webb Lake in Weld, Wilsons Lake in Wilton, Embden Pond in Embden and Wesserunsett in Madison. Smaller waters you may want to check out include Clearwater in Industry, Ironbound in Solon and Wilson’s Lake in Wilton. Another favorite in this region is Spring Lake, just north of Flagstaff Lake in T3 R5.

This article was written by Rangeley News Hound