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New IFW Regional Fisheries Biologist to speak at February Meeting

The Rangeley Region Guides & Sportsmen’s Association will hold its monthly membership meeting on Thursday, February 15, 2018 at our clubhouse on Old Skiway Road in Oquossoc.

Our potluck dinner will start at 5:30 PM, followed by a brief business meeting. This month, RRG&SA is pleased to welcome David Howatt, the new DIFW Regional Fisheries Biologist for the Rangeley Lakes Region. Although new to the position, Dave is no stranger to the area. Born and raised in Farmington, he graduated from the University of Maine in 1986. He has worked as a full time biology specialist for DIFW since 1992, before assuming his current position in November, 2017. David will talk about current fishery management strategies for our large lakes and small ponds. He is looking forward to hearing questions and concerns from those in attendance.

As always, the public is invited to attend these meetings and educational programs.

MDIFW Information &Education Director to speak at January meeting.

The Rangeley Region Guides’ and Sportsmen’s Association will hold its monthly meeting on Thursday, January 18, 2018 at our clubhouse on Old Skiway Road in Oquossoc. Our potluck dinner starts at 5:30 PM, followed by a brief business meeting, then our guest speaker. RRG&SA is pleased to welcome award winning Maine Guide, and current DIFW Information and Education director, Bonnie Holding as our guest speaker. Bonnie will share with us a new DIFW initiative called R3-recruit, retain, reactivate. This new program’s success will depend on collaboration with clubs and organizations such as RRG&SA. The public is always welcomed to attend our meetings and educational programs.

Bonnie Holding to speak at RRG&SA meeting

OQUOSSOC — The Rangeley Region Guides’ and Sportsmen’s Association will hold its monthly meeting Thursday, Jan. 18, at its clubhouse on Old Skiway Road. The potluck dinner starts at 5:30 p.m., followed by a brief business meeting and then the guest more

RFA annual meeting open to public

RANGELEY — The Rangeley Friends of the Arts will hold its Annual Meeting Monday, Dec. 11 at 5 p.m. at the RFA Lakeside Theater, 2493 Main Street. The public is invited to attend to learn about the RFA and its mission

Bulldozer arson leads to arrest

SANDY RIVER PLANTATION – A Rangeley man has been arrested and charged with arson after he allegedly burned a bulldozer stolen from a local business. Both pieces of equipment were owned by Randy Cousineau of Strong. According to Fire Marshal’s Office Sgt. Joel Davis, additional charges against other individuals are anticipated. Franklin County Sheriff’s Office […]

Expanded and faster internet in Franklin County update

FRANKLIN COUNTY — In January, a collection of committed community and economic development groups throughout the county (The Opportunity Center of North Franklin County, Greater Franklin Development Council, Androscoggin Valley Council of Governments, The Rangeley Economic Opportunity Committee, and the Sandy River Business Association) pulled together to apply for state funds to support read more

Oquossoc Country Suites is open for business

Oquossoc Country Suites is open for business

OQUOSSOC — Oquossoc Country Suites opened its doors Friday, July 20 having held an open house July 19 with over 100 locals, business owners, friends and family coming out for the special event. Everyone got to meet the owners: Leon Narbonne and Erin Lavallee of Cape Cod, Mass., and the manager, Amber Gellman of more

Franklin County women indicted on theft, forgery charges

FARMINGTON — Two women from Jay and Phillips were formerly charged Thursday in separate cases involving theft of more than $10,000 each from a business and a road association. A Franklin County grand jury indicted Bobbie J. Dawes, 45, of Jay on a felony charge of theft by unauthorize…

Movie Initiative Brings First-Run Movies back to Rangeley

Thank you for keeping The RFA Lakeside Theater as Rangeley’s movie house and center for entertainment, student programs and social activity.

All of the movie donors and volunteers showed their love for Rangeley through their undying support to bring first-run movies back to Rangeley. We are proud of our theater and our town and committed to making it the best it can be.

Thanks to you, everything is in place and beginning Memorial Day Weekend, 2018, first-run movies will be at our downtown theater.

It’s more than first-run movies. Your continued donations and support will help us afford the licensing fees that come with showing new movies, and will:

• Bring teenagers into town and offer them an uplifting social experience
• Light up Main Street and revitalize our downtown business district
• Give seniors and families accessible, low-cost entertainment
• Touch all of the lives that have made Rangeley such a special place for us to live, to work and to play.

To donate to this continuing program, please click the paypal button below.

Thank you to these Movie Initiative Donors!

Chris Astor
Carol & David Batchelder
Peter Bates
Joann Bean
Buddy Bergeron
Victor Block
Jeanne Blodgett
Ben & Jean Bowditch
Bill & Kathy Brittain
Ann Brooks
Ed & Beth Brunswick
John & Barbara Burgess
Patricia Butler
William & Judith Carter
Vince & Kathy Catrini
Claire & Donald Chase
John Chipchak
Claire Seidl & Jonathan Chodosh
Stephanie Chu-O’Neil
John & Lynn Conley
George & Debbie Crosson
Donald & Lynne Curtiss II
Mark Cyr
Diane Darnell
Nicole Lund & Bob Dea
Kate deLutio
Brian deLutio
Kathy Dennen
Hilde & Carlton Dodge
Joanne & Colin Doherty
Fred & Mary Dubay
Joanne Dunlap
Jamie & Beth Eastlack
Sarah Egerhei
Barbara Eller
Dave Ellinwood
Phil Engel
Brian Fersch
Festiva Charitable Fund
Forks in the Air
Russell & Tracy French
Douglas Friedman
Claudia Garner
Lynda & Wayne Gifford
Brian Voight & Judy Golin
Juliet Goodfriend

Marc Moreau & Juliet Goodfriend
Anne Marquis Gregory
Mary Ellen Grunther
Tom Guttmacher
Gordon Haley
Curt Haley
Chick & Mary Hembrow
Judith & Lyndall Hewey
Millie & Les Hoekstra
Kirby & Elaine Holcombe
Peggy Howard
Lisa Hugendubler
Hunter Cove on Rangeley Lake
In Memory of Barbara Meservey
David James
Arthur Joyce
James Kanak
Edward Kfoury
Janet Koob Alexander
Paul Kozolis
Michelle & Seth Laliberte
Robert & Robin Landis
Margaret & Norman Leblanc
Pam Lehman
Pamela & Arnold Lehman
Renee Levi
Janice & Lee Lewis
Dan Lyons
Rev. Tony & Jane MacNaughton
Don & Pam Mantovani
John McAlister
Ken & Sandy McDavitt
Robert & Susan McLellan
David Mcmillan
Salvatore Miceli
Tony Millington
Suzan Mitchell
Mary Ellen Moroney
Frank & Nina Morse
Scott & Nancy Morton
Cynthia Murray-Beliveau
Andrea Nadel
Tom & Dale Nagle
Terry Newmyer
Sabrina Nickerson

Michael Perreault
Sheridan Oldham & David Kretzing
Ellen Oppenheim
Oppenheim Family Fund
John & Birgitta Parker
Gary & Jackie PatnodeRangeley IGA
Rangeley Lakes Builders Supply
Brenda & Howard Reeve
Edward & Rochelle Reservitz
Laura & Paul Reynolds
Bill & Mary Richards
Bruce Roehrig
Chip & Andrea Rogers
Rick Rothman
Judy & Center Sanders
Elizabeth Schulte
Stephen & Leslie Schweber
Robert & Carol Scofield
S. Searle
Karen Sheingold
Nancy Skean & Judith Pfister
Martha Smith
Carolyn Smith
Tia Spagnulo
Nancy Spencer
Neil Swanton
Brooke Swearingen
Abbitt Sykes
Erica Talbert
Chris Talbert
Kevin & Dawn Therrien
Jeanne Thorvaldsen
William & Mary Angela Toms
John & Susan Tourtillotte
Kathleen Tressler
John & Kathleen Unipan
Robert & Diana Upham
Nicholas & Virginia Volkman
Gus & Deborah Wagner
Keith & Clare Webber
William Wegman
Rob & Jan Welch
Bob & Cheryl Wentworth
John Wetzel
Douglas Wootten
Valerie & Jeffrey Zapolsky

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Movie Initiative to bring First-Run Movies back to Rangeley

Movies Are Magic! The RFA Movie Initiative

A Fundraising Initiative to upgrade our digital projection and sound equipment to allow First-Run movies to return to Rangeley.

After a hundred plus years, the movie-going experience is embedded in America’s DNA. Movies offer the simple joy of expectantly settling into your theater seat and watching the screen come alive. They bring the sweet intimacy of sharing a show with your date, your friends or your children in the air-conditioned darkness on a hot summer day. They wrap us in warmth following dinner and a stroll through snow covered streets. Movies offer the perfect hangout for teenagers and the affordable opportunity for senior citizens to see a matinee. They light up the dark night and bring us together on a rainy day. The RFA Lakeside Theater, in the heart of downtown, is Rangeley’s movie house and center for entertainment, student programs and social activity.

Rangeley is home to generations of local families, relocated citizens, snowbirds, snow bunnies, retirees and seasonal families spending the entire summer. Rangeley is also a favorite with tourists, snowmobilers, outdoor enthusiasts, AT hikers, boaters, and day trippers. The region has a rich history of outdoor sporting. Our quaint downtown, with its friendly shops, restaurants, and local services is a destination for culture and commerce. Rangeley’s summer population grows nearly ten-fold and most visit downtown during their vacation. The Lakeside Theater stands in the center of it all offering a homey gathering place, where people of can connect and mingle on Main Street, appreciating the amazing vistas and fresh mountain air, taking in an art show, a performance or a movie, or stopping by a favorite place to share a café mocha, a pizza or a gourmet meal. It is all within walking distance.

Rangeley is loved by all of us. We are proud of our town and committed to making it the best it can be. That is why The RFA Lakeside Theater is responding to the community’s call to bring back first-run movies and why the Rangeley Friends of the Arts is behind this initiative to revitalize our downtown business district. In the past year, a focus group and multiple business owners suggested we help bring back first-run movies. Currently, to see a first-run show, community members have to drive an hour out of town and when they go, they take their spending power with them. Local merchants and service persons are suffering for the lost revenue. In the spirit of being good neighbors, serving our town and supporting the Arts, the RFA has pledged its efforts to promote becoming a first-run movie house. We plan to keep it local and make it great again!

In 2015 movie formatting changed dramatically. That’s when the industry adopted a digital format which requires that movies be shipped on a hard drive that is secured and accessed only by a specific type of connector. To show first-run movies, the Theater needs an expensive digital projector and needs to make upgrades to its existing sound system. Estimated costs are $50,000-$80,000 due to fluctuations in pricing for after-market equipment. Once the Theater has the equipment it still has to pay Licensing Fees, which range from $250 to $1000 per movie. Currently the RFA has the equipment to show movies on DVD/BLU RAY. That’s how the Theater has been keeping the big screen lit-up with classic favorites, special features and recent releases.

We are in a rapidly evolving film industry. Based on historical attendance data, admissions alone at $5 pp have not been able to sustain the costs of running a dedicated movie theater. Community theaters across the country have been diversifying in order to continue to succeed. Your financial commitment toward the purchase of new equipment is a good investment in the community’s social and economic health. It will provide necessary equipment the theater needs to become a full service, first-run movie house. It will enhance opportunities for Rangeley’s sustainability efforts.

A first-run movie theater:

• Brings teenagers into town and offers them an uplifting social experience
• Lights up Main Street and revitalizes our downtown business district
• Gives seniors and families accessible low-cost entertainment
• Broadens the Lakeside Theater’s repertoire. By becoming an arts center that also offers first run movies, it becomes a year-round destination that energizes downtown business activity.

The RFA has 50 years of organizational experience and fiscal management as well a dedicated board, staff and volunteers who want to meet the needs of the community. Since the RFA took ownership of the movie theater in 2013, the non-profit has expanded its programming and social services. The RFA is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to our community and our business district.

Community volunteers, donors and local business owners are committed to providing their financial support to help purchase the new equipment needed for first-run movies, however, this is a tall order for a small town in rural Maine. We need your support. Your gift will turn this vision into reality. You will touch all of the lives that have made Rangeley such a special place for us to live, to work, to play and to treasure for the generations to come.

Click HERE to review preliminary estimates of the start-up costs and contract fees for the first year.

Once we reach the initial $80,000 goal, we will purchase the best products at the best prices at that time. All donations toward the new equipment are placed in a restricted account at Franklin Savings Bank in Rangeley. We hope you will join our community leaders in creating movie magic for our town. Thank you. The volunteers at the RFA appreciate your support. To Donate to this initiative, click Below.

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