Mountain Biking in the Flagstaff Lake Area


BENGILE POND RIDE: Drive over to the Langtown Bridge and park. Start your bike ride heading north on the dirt road. Bear left at the first junction, continue on to the next junction (about1/2 mile) and take a left turn (it looks like a clearing and the road goes through it). Go straight on this road until you reach the Beaver Pond Bridge. There you have a choice – straight ahead to the Pond or take a left which will start you back towards your car. Keep on the road for approximately 1.5 miles, then bear left at the junction and stay on this road until you reach your car. This trip is a loop with many side roads that can be explored (although most are dead ends) All are fun riding and give you a very good chance to see wildlife. Approx. 12 Miles.

DEAD RIVER BIKE RUN: Leave your car off Route 27 (by Dead River Gifts). Head north and take your first left, on the the I.P. Road. Go straight by a small stream. Continue on the main road for one half mile, then bear left, past the sand pit on the right, cross a small stream and then bear right. Go straight, bear right again, go straight approximately one half mile, bear left at the small brook. Stay on the main road until you reach a “T” in the road, then bear left and follow this to the next “T” and bear left again. This will take you out to Route 16. Bear left to Route 27 and your car. Approx. 25 Miles.

HEDGEHOG HILL RUN: Start in the center of Stratton and head west on Route 16. Take the 1st left beyond the state sand piles, then the 2nd left up and pass the sand pit (nice view of the town and lake) go straight down and out to Routes 16 and 27. Bear left back into Stratton. Approx. 5 Miles.

KENNEBAGO LOOP RIDE: This trip starts out looking the same as the Bengile Pond Ride, but it’s quite different. It’s a little harder and a bit longer. Park in the same place as you do for the Bengile Pond ride and head north. At the junction go straight up the side of the mountain, then down past a sand pit, and continuing past a Beaver Pond to a junction. This is where you have a choice. Go left to Route 16, then right, back to Langtown Bridge, or bear right to the Old County Road which turns left at the apple orchard (this is a rough road and a challenge for all). This takes you back to where you started up the mountain. Bear left to your car. Approx. 17 Miles.

STONEY BROOK BRIDGE TO HEDGEHOG VILLAGE: This is a difficult single-track trail intended for expert riders. Follow Christo’s Hill until you reach the power line. Go north on the power line and you’ll reach several steep, technical single-track trails, most of which end at the Snow Valley Development in Wyman Township.