Outdoor Recreation in the Rangeley Lakes Region

Rangeley Lake Scenic Overlook

Summer view of Rangeley Lake from the scenic overlook on Route 4 in Rangeley.


Melting ice and increased activity in the animal kingdom are usually the first signs of spring in Rangeley. Soon shoots of green appear across the landscape followed by a riot of color as wildflowers burst from their winter sleep. Birdwatchers pull out their binoculars and cameras. Kayakers and canoe lovers dig their watercraft out of sheds and garages and anticipate a bit of paddling. Perhaps they’ll find a momma moose with a new calf grazing along the lakeshore.

As spring transitions into summer the urge to be outside grows. Rangeley Lake State Park becomes a focal point for campers wanting to swim in the lake, roast marshmallows in the moonlight and sleep under the stars. Fishermen head for nearby camps, some seeking solitude and others in search of family fun. Rangeley Lake is soon dotted with sailboats gracefully catching the wind and swifter craft towing giggling skiers before an exciting splashdown. White-water rafters seek an even bigger adrenaline rush on local rivers. Budding and experienced gold panners descend on those same rivers in search of flashy nuggets hidden in the riverbed. ATV riders and horseback riders take to the trails, doing their communing with nature on solid ground. Golfers do their communing on the links and tennis players on clay courts. Skeet and trap shooting season is in full swing.

Before you know it the leaves start to show their colors, announcing the arrival of fall. By early October the Rangeley Lakes Region is awash in shades of gold, red, brown and orange, all contrasting with the evergreens and the blue of the lakes. This is the time to take to the road for a scenic drive or strap on a backpack and delve into the forest for some incredible photo ops. Hunting season arrives, a cherished tradition in this part of the world. The fun lasts until the first snows. Exactly when that is up to Mother Nature. Don’t worry, she’ll let you know.


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