Top 4 Reasons Your Next Vehicle Should Be A Motorcycle

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Top 4 Reasons Your Next Vehicle Should Be A Motorcycle

Forget about buying another car, your next vehicle should be a motorcycle. 

These two-wheeled vehicles get a lot of bad coverage. They’re associated with big bearded biker gangs, and people worry about how safe they are. In reality, as long as they’re driven safely, you’ll be fine! What’s more, there are some massive reasons to choose a motorcycle as your next vehicle instead of a car. Here are four of them to whet your appetite: 


Get a better driving experience

Riding a motorcycle offers a much better experience than driving a car. You feel a sense of freedom as you glide along the road, free from any long queues of traffic. It’s very amusing watching the angry faces in cars as you slowly creep past them while they’re stuck in a jam. Plus, motorcycles are more nimble, so they’re easier to drive down narrow streets and winding paths. 


Enjoy your beautiful surroundings

Motorcycles are hugely beneficial if you live in a beautiful place. When you’re surrounded by trees, woodlands, and wonderful scenery, nothing beats a motorcycle journey. You truly get to appreciate everything as you ride along, taking it all in. In many ways, you feel more attuned to nature on a motorbike. In a car, you’re boxed off and in your own little world. 


Save a huge chunk of money

Yes, motorcycles can help you save a lot of money. For starters, the cost of a motorcycle is usually much less than that of a car. Indeed, you can find some really good used Harley-Davidson Motorcycles for sale at a bargain price compared to some pretty poor used cars. This means you can buy quality for less – if you wanted a really good used car, it would cost a fortune. 

Secondly, motorcycles consume less fuel, are easier to maintain, and are cheaper to insure. So, your running costs are slashed during the year as well. Now, if you really want to dig deeper into things, you could save money on shopping too. With a car, there’s the urge to impulse-buy things on your way back home if you stop at a shop. A motorcycle doesn’t allow this because you have less storage! It’s a bit of a stretch, but it genuinely does make sense. 


Improve your health

Did you know that driving a car is inherently unhealthy? You’re sitting down for long periods, barely moving a muscle. It’s terrible for your posture, and it also means you become extremely inactive every day. 

Motorcycles offer a much healthier form of travel. Due to the way you ride a motorbike, you’re constantly tensing certain muscles. You might not be moving, but you are working different parts of your body – like your legs, arms, and core. This means your body works harder during every trip, helping you burn more calories and maintain a healthier lifestyle. 


Are motorcycles better than cars? In some ways, yes! Provided you don’t need the practicality and storage of a car, a motorcycle could be a better option for you. Or, think about getting one alongside your car as a fun weekend driver.


This article was written by Rangeley News Hound