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Oquossoc woman dies in Oxford County snowmobile crash

LOWER CUPSUPTIC TOWNSHIP – An Oquossoc woman died early Monday afternoon after the snowmobile she was operating crashed into trees in Oxford County. According to Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife spokesperson Mark Latti, Marjorie Davan, 52 of Oquossoc, was driving her 2016 Polaris Pro S 600 snowmobile at approximately 12:25 p.m. on Monday. Davan was traveling with a group of friends along ITS 84 in Lower Cupsuptic Township in northern Oxford County

Tumbledown Brewing shows ski patrol appreciation with new brew

FARMINGTON – For the second year in a row Tumbledown Brewing is raising funds with its special winter blend beer, “In the Horns,” to benefit Maine ski patrol programming. Last year’s proceeds from the fundraiser totaled over $1,500 and went directly to Saddleback Mountain ski patrol, but owner Matt Swan wanted to think much bigger this year. “We decided to donate a dollar per can to the Maine region of the National Ski Patrol, and that is, I guess you could say, the parent organization of all ski patrols in Maine, so every mountain that has a ski patrol reports

El Salvador man arrested in Rangeley last month was deported in 2019

RANGELEY – A citizen of El Salvador previously deported from the United States in 2019 was arrested earlier last month by U.S. Border Patrol agents after they investigated a truck he was operating that was partially impeding traffic. Per a press release from the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, agents approached a Penske truck in Rangeley that was blocking traffic on Feb.

MSAD 58 going to optional masking in schools on Feb. 28

PHILLIPS – The MSAD 58 school board voted, 7-5, to make masking optional within schools. This motion will go into effect on Feb. 28, following the February break. During the monthly board meeting on Feb. 17, Superintendent Todd Sanders referenced a “whirlwind” of changes in guidance from the Maine Center for Disease Control and changes to the Standard Operating Procedures for schools.

Wildlife habitat and birding trails on Perham Stream secured for public access

MADRID TOWNSHIP — Recently, Maine’s High Peaks Alliance closed on an 80-acre parcel called the Perham Stream Birding Trail in Madrid Township. The parcel rests in the valley between Saddleback Mountain and Mount Abraham (Mount Abram), and boasts a half mile of frontage of Perham Stream. The birding trails and wildlife habitats were created and fostered by Carson Hinkley, a fifth-generation landowner of the property. Hinkley has traditionally allowed public access through his property, which is listed on Maine Trail Finder and Maine by Foot.

Closures and cancellations for Tuesday, February 8

The following is a list of closures and cancellations for Tuesday, February 8. There will be no school in RSU 9. There will be no school in RSU 73. There will be no school in MSAD 58

Portland company expands to Rangeley

RANGELEY – The Portland-based architecture and construction company, Barrett Made, has expanded and is now offering their services out of their Main Street office in Rangeley. Barrett Made started small—out of a pickup truck—about six years ago, and has grown from a construction company to incorporate in-house architectural design as well as construction, specializing in unique project designs. “We did a tailor shop in Portland, we did a bakery, we did some work in a brewery, a start-up restaurant; some really unique places, you know, not like your generic office space. We kind of carved out a niche from there,”

Winona’s Christmas Wish

PHILLIPS — Driving into town, just past the fire station, a flash of red caught my eye. I instinctively slowed down and quickly realized that I’d found what I had driven to town to see: a tall, broad white birch tree down in a little marshy area beside the road, the trunk wrapped in sparkly red garland with a red bow tied at the top.  I’d found Winona’s Christmas wish. Winona Davenport is eighty-six years old. She is one of the gems that lives in rural communities; active and engaged in her community, she is involved with most of the

Rangeley Friends of the Arts to hold Winter DIVA Show: Classic DIVA

RANGELEY – The Rangeley Friends of the Arts proudly presents the Annual RFA Winter DIVA Show! Rangeley’s own Divas will fill your evening with music and dance as local, talented ladies and gentlemen present some of the best music ever heard. This show features music from the 40’s, 50’s, and early 60’s. This will be an evening of non-stop entertainment – a unique Rangeley event not to be missed!

Saddleback preparing for second season since reopening

RANGELEY — Saddleback Maine is preparing for their second ski season since the acquisition of the ski resort by Arctaris Impact Fund. Over the last 18 months, Saddleback has invested $3 million into upgrading the snow making equipment on the mountain. $2 million of that was this summer, with a focus on adding more snow guns and increasing the pump capacity.