New Book: Letters & Journals of Scientist Wilhelm Reich

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In 1945, Austrian-born research physician and scientist Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) established a laboratory and research center in Rangeley, Maine where he investigated the origins of cancer cells, the experimental treatment of diseases, and weather engineering.

On June 26, 1956, this property-which Reich named “Orgonon”-was the site of the burning of Reich’s published research periodicals by order of a Federal Court injunction that had been obtained by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Two months later, on August 23, 1956, several tons of Reich’s books, periodicals and other publications-chronicling over two decades of his medical, scientific and sociological research-were burned under FDA supervision in New York City by order of this same court injunction. And in 1960, three years after Reich’s death, his literature was burned yet again under FDA supervision in New York.

This injunction also allowed the FDA to destroy scientific technology invented by Reich to accumulate and concentrate the physical energy he had discovered and called “orgone.”

Reich’s final years, including this heinous example of government censorship in America, are documented in Reich’s own words in a new book: Where’s the Truth? – Letters and Journals (1948-1957), edited by Rangeley’s Mary Boyd Higgins (director of the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust and Wilhelm Reich Museum) and published by Farrar, Straus & Giroux in New York.

Where’s the Truth? is the last volume in a four-part autobiographical series composed of Reich’s diaries, letters, laboratory notebooks and other materials. The preceding books (all of them edited by Ms. Higgins) are Passion of Youth – An Autobiography (1897-1922); Beyond Psychology – Letters and Journals (1934-1939); and American Odyssey – Letters and Journals (1940-1947).

Reich’s life and work continue to be the subject of widespread distortion, misinformation and outright slander in books, articles, films and on the Internet. Where’s the Truth? joins its three companion volumes, plus 20 other book titles by Reich, in providing an historically accurate and compelling narrative about a man who was a pioneering psychoanalyst and psychiatrist in Europe, an outspoken anti-fascist critical of both Hitler and Stalin, a refugee from the Nazi regime, and an innovative research physician and scientist who made remarkable discoveries about energy functions in living matter, in the human organism, and in the atmosphere.

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