08/26/2018 – "Picnics and Shore Lunches," new exhibit

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Picnics and Shore Lunches Exhibit at Outdoor Museum is Sure to Satisfy Visitors


Oquossoc- The old-time cartoon character Yogi Bear had a famous line that was often shared as he and his “little buddy”, Boo Boo, raided campsites which became his standard by-line; “Hey Boo Boo what’s in da pic-a-nic basket?” Visitors to the Outdoor Sporting Heritage Museum will soon be better able to answer that question for themselves about how picnickers of the past enjoyed dining outside thanks to a brand-new exhibit. Picnics and Shore Lunches set to open at the popular museum in Oquossoc on Friday June 30 th. The new exhibit will share how folks in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries cooked and dined outdoors, through a collection of unique vintage equipment and photos. And yes, there might just be an old bear marauding bear disrupting the delicious “meal” of an exhibit that is sure to satisfy. All the artifacts and images all have backgrounds in the region and have been collected over that past two years by the museum’s staff. “Dining outdoors was a big part of how folks enjoyed the outdoors and occupied their vacation time here in the region and that is still true today of course, but perhaps to a lesser degree”, shared Museum Director, Bill Pierce.

The exhibit was touted in the May issue of Downeast Magazine as being something “that will appeal to not just outdoor enthusiasts but also to Foodies”. The Historical Society hopes that the new exhibit might inspire visitors to perhaps enjoy a few more meals out of doors this summer? It features an interesting mix of vintage equipment including early coolers, nifty folding tables & chairs, picnic baskets and a cookware set for preparing “shore lunches” that was once owned by local legend Capt. Fred Barker. The exhibit also shares a series of vintage images of various shore lunches that took place between 1905 and 1915 along the Upper Magalloway for guests of the Parmachenee Club. The charming images from glass plate negatives have not seen the light of day for over 100 years!

The premiere marks the sixth new exhibit the museum has opened thus far this season. “We are pleased that three out of the six new exhibits were aimed at folks who may not hunt or fish at all, because the history of the outdoor experience in this region is quite diverse and we feel that this exhibit shares another aspect of that”, added Pierce.

The Rangeley Lakes Historical Society is a 501c3 Non-profit operating the Outdoor Sporting Heritage Museum as well as the Rangeley History Museum to help preserve and share the region’s iconic history. The Society’s programs and exhibits celebrate the region’s unique character and heritage through the dedication of its volunteers, generosity of its members and without tax-payer support. The Outdoor Sporting Heritage Museum is open 10-4pm, 7 days a week in July and August. The Rangeley History Museum opens June 29th from 11 to 4pm Tuesday-Sunday. For more information, please call: 207-864-3091 or log on to:



08/26/2018 – "Picnics and Shore Lunches," new exhibit

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