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Snodeo bringing all things snowmobile to Rangeley later this month

RANGELEY – The region’s premier snowmobiling event kicks off later this month, with races and exhibitions scheduled for Jan. 24 through Jan. 26. Events on Thursday, Jan

Maine Rockers holds pop-up shop for the month of April

FARMINGTON – Acrobatic bunnies, snowmobiling moose and grinning bears have set up camp at 155 Front Street as part of Maine Rocker’s April pop-up shop. “I love this spot. I love seeing people every day and letting them see what I do,” Creator/artist Rick Osterhout said. Osterhout’s workshop lives in a picturesque barn in Phillips- […]

Snodeo revs up some winter fun this weekend

RANGELEY – The region’s premier snowmobiling event kicks off Thursday, with a few, final inches of falling snow awaiting the treads of thousands of engines. The 2017 Snodeo is expected to draw as many as 5,000 people to the Rangeley area. Local establishments are already booked solid according to Jonny Wakefield, chair of the Rangeley […]

Snowmobiler killed after crashing into tree; another injured in Phillips

FARMINGTON – A 50-year-old New Jersey man was killed after his snowmobile crashed into a tree off the Holley Road on Sunday morning. Richard Keith Horton of Delran, N.J. was snowmobiling with two friends when his machine struck a tree on the edge of the trail at about 11 a.m. Sunday

Awesome air and snow show

Awesome air and snow show

[img_assist|nid=67267|title=|desc= Whoever said skiing and snowmobiling don’t mix hasn’t been to a RaveX Outerlimits Freestyle Tour at Saddleback! RaveX came to Saddleback on Sunday to celebrate spring with Tiki Weekend and a freestyle snowmobile stunt more

Divers, state-of-the-art equipment used in Rangeley search

Divers, state-of-the-art equipment used in Rangeley search

By Dee Menear Irregular Staff Reporter RANGELEY — About a mile off shore, Bruce Loring sat in a warming tent maneuvering a search vehicle up to 140 feet below the ice. This Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle is the latest in the search for three snowmobilers who are believed to have come upon open water while snowmobiling Dec 30, more