3 Things to Do To Kickstart Your Travelling Journey

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3 Things to Do To Kickstart Your Travelling Journey

You may be tired of that nine to five. Tired of sitting at your desk in the office? Are you unmotivated by the work you’re doing? You’re allowed to feel this way. You may feel slightly mad to think you just want to pack up and leave, but this is not unusual. Travelling alone can be one of the most fulfilling things you can experience. If you want to start this journey now, then look no further. Here are three things you can do before you go travelling. 

Quit Your Job

Dramatic but Necessary

Making a huge change in your life can be terrifying, and leaving the comfort of your job can be especially fear-striking. But this is not the end of the world. If you truly want to begin a new life somewhere else for whatever period of time you had in mind, this is okay to do. It goes without saying that you should definitely have some money behind you to protect yourself during your travels. Securing employment in other countries is also something that you can do to keep your finances and your head above water. Farm work, teaching English, or even getting a simple bartending job in a different country can feel more fulfilling and motivating than the nine-to-five you are leaving. Things cannot grow in comfort zones; stepping outside of this can be the best thing you can ever do. Traveling around the world may give you the feeling you’ve been chasing.


Surround Yourself With People Who Inspire You

Great Minds Think Alike

Most of the time, the people around you, especially those you work with or your family and friends, may be hesitant at the idea of you seemingly ‘abandoning’ your life to start a new one. This isn’t the case, and you’re simply trying something new. If you have people who are encouraging you to grow and chase the things you want to do, this will allow you to be a lot more proactive in your journey. The people you surround yourself with may even feel inspired by you and want to join you! 


Pack Up Your Belongings and Move Out

Don’t Pay Rent on a Place You’re No Longer Living In

It may be a frightening thought to completely pack up and move out of the space you have been living in for whatever period of time. If you are going to throw yourself into this journey completely, you can’t keep hold of things that are going to inevitably hold you back. You may be sitting in Thailand, Kenya, Berlin or Paris, enjoying the new cultures you are experiencing. All the while, your rent is still being paid for a place you haven’t lived in for months. A better and more financially sustainable option may be to move your possessions into a storage unit so you can move out of your property and stop paying the rent, which will eventually take away from the money you could be spending on your travelling. Facilities offered by can help kickstart your travelling journey. With affordable prices and thousands of locations to cater to you, they are a company that can help you in one of the biggest decisions you can make.

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