What Lakes Should You Plan To Visit In Maine

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What Lakes Should You Plan To Visit In Maine

The USA has some of the biggest and most beautiful lakes in the world, some are manmade but that doesn’t take away from their magnificence. A lot of travelers overlook lakes in favor of beaches, but there are various activities one can do at a lake like kayaking, boating, and even surfing, and unlike the beach, lakes are an attraction even deep in winter.

We look at some of the best lakes you can visit during your next vacation, this of course is a limited list but it should help when you start your itinerary planning on

Rangeley Lake

The Rangeley Lake has a maximum depth of 45m, and it’s ideal for swimming. It also has a designated water landing zone for seaplanes, it’s also a major headwater lake of the Androscoggin watershed. A major part of the lake is in the town of Rangeley with the southern edges falling into the Rangeley Plantation. There are plenty of activities to do all year round on the lake, it has world-class trout and freshwater salmon.  In winter visitors can enjoy snowmobiling, skiing and snowshoeing, the lake receives about 200 in of snow annually. If you are not too keen on water sports, then you can hike in the surroundings. 


Flagstaff Lake

Flagstaff was a small natural lake made more significant when the Long Falls Dam impounded the Dead River in 1950, making it the fourth-largest lake in the state of Maine. There is plenty to do on the lake, such as kayaking, canoeing and of course swimming. The lake is part of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail and you enjoy part of the 740-mile trail that runs through New York, Quebec, New Hampshire and Maine.


Sebago Lake

Sebago lake is Maine’s deepest lake, it is 96 m deep at its deepest point with an average depth of 31m and a surface area of 117 sq km. The lake supplies the Portland Water District  which is about 20% of Maine’s population. It is famous for lake trout known as togue. The Point Sebago Golf Course is one of the best golf courses in Maine, the 18- hole championship golf course plays host to professional and school tournaments. The Songo River Queen 2 is a famous cruiser that can house 350 passengers with two decks. The steamer is a replica of the famous Mississippi River Paddler Wheelers and weighs over 100 tons.


Moosehead Lake

Situated in the Maine Highlands the lake is 40 miles long covering 75,000 acres it really does look like a moose head with antlers. In terms of activity, you can go to the park and enjoy some fishing, or explore trails with a registered guide. Even in winter, the Lily and Spencer bays are still shallow enough to ice-fish. The summertime is great for cruises with options like a Maine Day Cruise and a Sunset Dance Cruise. 



Lakes are versatile places because they are accompanied by cities, mountains, or parks, expanding your horizons.



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