Services in the Rangeley Lakes Region

Rangeley Rehab & Wellness Pavillion

The Rangeley Rehab & Wellness Pavillion offers some of the best views in town!

You may be visiting or living in a picturesque, rural part of the Maine countryside, but the Rangeley Lakes Region offers community and professional services that rival those in much larger cities. Logging brought the area into being and finding someone to build a vintage style log cabin in the woods is just one of the specialty services available. From legal advice to sports outfitters to firms that specialize in making your dream home a reality, Rangeley, Maine has it all.

911 Emergency Services, Medical & Health Care

The Rangeley Lakes Region has two fire departments, the Rangeley Volunteer Fire Department in the Town of Rangeley and the Oquossoc Volunteer Fire Department in the neighboring village. Rangeley also has its own Dispatch Center and Police Department, backed up by the Franklin County Sheriff Department. Dispatch is also responsible for calls to the Rangeley Region Ambulance.

Complementing the 911 services are Franklin Memorial Hospital in Farmington and Rumford Hospital in Rumford. The Health Center and Rangeley Region Rehab and Wellness Pavilion is right in town, as are dentists and health counselors in varying professions. The Rehab and Wellness Pavilion is also doubles as a first-rate fitness facility. Hair, nail and skin care is available at three locations in town and a tanning salon helps you keep the look of summer year round.

Pet Care Services

Your furry and feathered friend will also be well looked after. Pet sitting, grooming and boarding services are offered, as is a mobile veterinary clinic. Specialty pet food and supply stores make sure you have all you need to keep your pets happy and healthy.

Transportation, Travel & Automotive Services

Traveling into and around the Rangeley Lakes Region means hopping on a plane, a boat, or doing a little driving on some very scenic roadways. Air charter services offer flights into the airport and, using float planes, onto the surface of Lake Rangeley itself. Some of the Rangeley Lake Region’s locales are only accessible by float plane or boat. A shuttle and local tour service is available, as is a nearby travel agent. If you plan on driving, the Town of Rangeley offers several gas stations, three auto repair shops, towing facilities as well as an auto detail service.

Rangeley Real Estate, Business, Financial and Professional Services

With the number of people that visit Rangeley that end up buying property, it’s not surprising that the Rangeley Lakes Region is home to a number of real estate agents, quite a few of them clustered around the town’s Main Street. Two banks, a notary republic, tax and other accounting services, financial advisors and insurance agents are all available. You’ll also find advertising and marketing services in town, as well as management consultants, all handy if you are setting up your own business or want to rent out some investment property. Other professional services available include lawyers, land surveyors, engineers and foresters, most of them in and around the Town of Rangeley.

Home & Garden Services

Finding someone to build or renovate your Rangeley, Maine home takes no more than a look through the local phone book. Nearly two-dozen builders and contractors call the region home, some specializing in log cabin style construction, so popular in the area. Carpenters, roofers, painters and specialists in cement, drywall, electrical work and masonry are all a phone call away. Get a new septic system installed or an existing one serviced, put in a well, install new flooring or fix up that roof, it’s all possible. With the available talent in the Rangeley Lakes Region it’s possible to build the home of your dreams from top to bottom.

Sports & Recreational Services

Visiting or living in the Rangeley Lakes Region means spending time in the great outdoors. Boat, canoe and kayak rentals are offered as well as marinas with boat launching ramps and slips for your own watercraft. If you prefer your sports on dry land, rent a bike or ATV and explore the regions back roads. Two golf courses feature greens with a view. Though not quite so dry in winter, those back roads are available for snow sports and ski, snowshoe and snowmobile rentals are offered.

The Rangeley Lakes Region has a number of Registered Maine Guides. These are skilled professionals that must pass stringent tests and earn the right to guide hunters and fishermen into the Maine wilderness. Registered Maine Guides also lead tours focusing on bird or moose watching, or lead camping trips into the wildest parts of the Rangeley Lakes Region.

Rangeley Community Services

With two post offices, its own Rangeley Lakes Regional School, half a dozen churches, the Rangeley Library, a radio station and town newspaper, face it, Rangeley, Maine is on the map. Sharing a border with Canada means the town also has its own U.S. Border Patrol at Rangeley Station. Cell phone, land-line phone, internet, satellite and Cable TV services are all offered. This is a town, in the truest sense of the word. But, what is unique about this area is that you can walk a few blocks in either direction and find yourself surrounded by trees or standing on the shores of a quiet lake. You do have to put up with Mr. Moose coming to town for visits, but that’s just part of the local charm.

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