Mountain Biking in the Rangeley Lakes Region

Rangeley Bike Trail.

Bridge over a bog along the bike trail from Rangeley to Stratton.


Mountainous, wooded terrain, interrupted only by streams, ponds and lakes, brings bikers to many breathtaking views in the Rangeley Lakes Region. Single and double track trails include gravel roads, logging roads and wilderness riding. Riders are often treated by the common sights of indigenous wildlife in their natural habitat. The following are three popular trails in the Rangeley area. For more information about these trails call the Rangeley Rec Department at 207-864-3327 or TRAC at 207-864-5855.

Railroad Loop Trail: This 12.5 mile loop is maintained by the Trails for the Rangeley Area Coaltion (TRAC). The marked bike trail can be accessed just south of the Rangeley Inn on the gravel road off Route 4 by Haley Pond. It continues over Route 16, where it skirts Gull Pond along the Camp Wayawi Road, then follows an abandoned railroad bed to Route 16. The trail follows a double-track road into Dallas, then leads to Saddleback Lake, continuing on to Dallas Hill Road in Dallas Plantation. Follow Route 4 back to Haley Pond. The last half of the trip has many, long uphill stretchs. Overall the trail has a good range of terrain, and boasts great views of Rangeley Lake and the surrounding mountains.

Rangeley Lakes Trails Center:  Seven miles of mountain biking trails with a good range of terrain Рtwo miles are easy (to the steel bridge and back along Tote Road), with the rest of the bike trail rated difficult for advanced mountain bikers.  The trails center is located at 524 Saddleback Mountain Road.

City Pond Reservoir Loop: This 12 mile trail leads over woods roads and starts at the head of Cascade Stream.

Quimby Pond to Dodge Pond Trail: An easy trip of 9 miles leads around Quimby and Round Ponds, the follows the loop around Dodge Pond back to Route 4 between Rangeley and Oquossoc.

Many other trails are located within a 45 minute drive of Rangeley in the Carrabassett Valley Region. These trails range from easy to difficult.

When planning your trip please inform others as to where you are riding and always carry a map. Bikes should also be inspected carefully before taking to the trails. An air pump, tools, repair and first aid kits should be carried by a least one person in a group. Remember that it is always safest biking with at least one other rider in remote areas and riders should always stay in sight of each other!

During the summer season the Town Recreation Department sponsors weekly rides which are open to the public. TRAC and the Sugarloaf Riding Club, in addition to area Registered Maine Guides, also hold rides, both for-fee and on a drop-in basis. For more information call the Rangeley town office at 207-864-3327.

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